Clean your addresses to improve mail & fulfillment.

Ensure mobile & landlines are accurate & callable.

Validate emails before hitting send.

Parse & standardize first & last names for personalization.

Combine multiple records into one golden record.

Discover best-in-class data quality in one platform.

Analyze your data to improve its quality over time.

Cleanse any type of data fast & easy.

Protect your business quickly & cost-effectively.

Access best-of-class eIDV tools for 70+ countries.

Verify documents, biometrics & liveness.

Capture verified addresses on forms quickly with autocomplete technology.

Validate IP & append geolocation data.

Find distance & travel time by lat/long pairs.

Ensure accurate customer data at checkout.

Verify & enrich data for better sales & marketing.

Convert street addresses to lat/long pairs.

Add 400 fields of property & mortgage data.

Access data on 2.1 billion consumer records.

Get firmographic data based on company name & address.

Group mail by ZIP for postage discounts.

Update the addresses of U.S. & Canadian customers that have moved.

Correct addresses to improve mail piece deliverability.

Save on postage with premium address verification.

Find the addresses of U.S. customers that have moved.

Canadian NCOA & Address Verification

Update addresses for moving Canadian customers.

Capture new moved to addresses not recorded by USPS.

Clean & correct street addresses around the world.

Validate your email addresses to improve email marketing.

Eliminate duplicate records from your mailing list to reduce costs.

Remove undesirable records who shouldnt receive your mail.

Learn more about who your customers are.

Improve lead scoring with detailed company info.

Add consumer or business mobile/landline numbers.

Find mailing addresses with a phone number.

Add consumer or business email addresses to postal lists.

Find mailing address with an email address.

Add precise location data to your list.

Add property & mortgage data for better analysis.

Identify companies by business type.

Cloud postal processing for USPS/Canada Post mail.

Multi-sourced global datasets, persistent address key technology, 37+ yrs experience.

Complete your master address file for improved mapping/visualization.

Add lat/long coordinates to the ZIP+4 level.

Find parcel boundaries & attribute data for 155 million properties.

Verify 5-digit ZIP Codes and append census demographics.

Access all area codes & prefixes for the U.S. & Canada.

Append postal codes, area codes, time zones & lat/longs.

Enrich records with 400 fields of property & mortgage data.

Access demographic, financial & lifestyle data.

Add industry, revenue, location, sales volume & more.

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When you need accurate address validation - trust your address experts to deliver.

We offer three ways to access our best-of-breed address engine to meet your needs. How can we deliver the best address verification and correction to you today?

Check a single or handful of U.S. or international addresses.

Process an entire address list for accuracy & completeness

Build address validation right into your own applications.

Reduce risk, ensure compliance & keep customers happy.

Convert addresses into Lat/Long coordinates.

Remove up to 95% of bad email addresses from your database.

Gain deeper insight into U.S. property & mortgage data.

Melissa has been named to Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions for a third year in a row!

Were particularly thrilled to be recognized as a leader in doing what we love - providingtop-of-the-line address verificationto customers just like you!

Its an honor to receive such a prominent position in theG2 Data Quality Software Report. It indicates to us that we are meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Our commitment to providing the best Data Quality & Address Verification Software is reflected in the G2 2022 Grid Report. We scored:

Thank you to our customers for sharing their valuable feedback and helping us on our mission and belief that data quality should never cost more than it saves!

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